A New Probe into Rolex

016 has passed, but in 2016 the hot watch has not passed, Rolex’s new air fighter and the new one, can be said to be very popular two watches, and the price is similar, many friends on these two watches How to choose, it really hurts the brain, today the watch home for everyone to compare the two watches, for everyone to make a difficult decision to make a reference.
50,000 up and down 2016 Rolex new air fighter and new exploration one how to choose

Left: New Airmaster Right: New Exploration One

Why are many people entangled in these two watches, because they are all new watches introduced in 2016 (new probes have changed), and the price is around 50,000, the new Airmaster public price of 48,000 yuan, new Exploring a public price of 51,100 yuan, and both are simple big three-needle models, naturally will be put together to compare choices.

New air superiority
50,000 up and down 2016 Rolex new air fighter and new exploration one how to choose

The price advantage, the new air fighter compared to the new one, the first advantage is the price, the public price is 3100 yuan cheaper than the new one, although the gap is not big.

A New Probe into Rolex

The design advantage, the new Airmaster is a new design, and all the previous Rolex models are different, with more freshness. One new probe is to lengthen the minute hand of the watch and increase the luminous display. There is no excessive change, and the attraction is doubtful. And the new Airmaster watch uses a 40 mm diameter design, which is more than a new one millimeter, which is more in line with the aesthetic trend of large diameter.

Anti-magnetic advantage, the new Airmaster is equipped with the Rolex fake watches uk 3131 self-winding movement, and the green glass with the same movement, using the paramagnetic escape wheel system, so the same has the same super anti-magnetic ability, this is new Exploring a thing that is not available, of course, the new exploration has other advantages in the movement, as will be discussed below.

New exploration advantage



50,000 up and down 2016 Rolex new air fighter and new exploration one how to choose

The advantage of time, the old one is the model introduced by Rolex in the 2010 Basel exhibition, the new one is changed in the length of the minute pointer of the watch, so it can be said that the new probe has passed the test for 6 years. , trustworthy, and the new Airmaster as a new watch, also need to accept the test of time. Another exploration of the accumulation of time after the watch has accumulated a certain number of supporters, which is not available in the new air tyrants.

A New Probe into Rolex

The anti-shock advantage, this watch is equipped with the Rolex 3132 self-winding movement.

compared to the new Airmaster’s 3131 calibre.

although there is no strong anti-magnetic ability.

but the 3132 with Rolex’s own Paraflex shock absorber, In theory, the shock resistance is stronger.
50,000 up and down 2016 Rolex new air fighter and new exploration one how to choose

Luminous advantage, in the 2016 table, Rolex released a new photo of the singer’s strong night light.

the hour markers all use the luminous design.

the glamorous blue luminous picture has been released, many watch friends said to buy buy. The new Airmaster is a bit shabby, except for the same hands with a luminous design, and the triangular hourlight with a 12 o’clock position is luminous, and all others are not luminous.

New Airmaster and a new flaw

Although the design of the new Airmaster is novel, not everyone likes it. Many of the watchmakers say that this is the ugliest Rolex they have ever seen. The second is the night of the new Airmaster.

There are no obvious shortcomings in the new exploration.

The places that have been criticized have been changed.

the minute pointer is lengthened, and the 3, 6, and 9 hour markers are designed with luminous design.

It can be said that it is a perfect watch.

but some watch friends.

To mention a bit, it might be better to increase the diameter slightly, of course.

I personally think that the current size is very good.

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