Richard Mille 56-02 Sapphire Crystal Tourbillon

Light and transparent is the two major trends of modern craftsmanship. It seems that simple and classic design is much better than chaos and complexity. Nowadays, it is also the trend of the watch industry to make watches that meet the public aesthetics and brand style. The words such as thin and simple are simple, but it is harder to do. The weight of the craft material itself and the double test of the design, it is to set a level for the brand, and so on is the capture, is beyond. Watch pioneer Richard Charmeer created this ultra-thin, transparent sapphire crystal tourbillon watch with its cutting-edge watchmaking craftsmanship and innovative watchmaking.

Years ago, Richard Miller has launched the RM 056 sapphire crystal tourbillon double-chasing chronograph. This watch is a milestone in the technical achievements of the watch industry. There has never been a sapphire crystal before. A case of creating such a complex case. The sequel to the RM 56-01 is even more with sapphire crystals on the base plate, splint and three wheels. The classic part of these two watches continued on the RM 56-02.

in addition to the use of a large number of sapphire crystals to create transparent parts.

but also cleverly adopted the RM 27-01 cable suspension mechanical structure.

It not only adds to the watch’s degree of viewing, but also adds mechanical points.

The base made of sapphire crystal reduces the weight of the watch. The RM movement is completely suspended in the sapphire glass case. It is fixed with four steel cables with a thickness of only 0.35mm. The 9-point device is used to adjust the cable. Elastic, the arrowhead indicator below 12 o’clock is used to indicate whether the entire cable structure is normal to ensure proper operation of the movement.

Richard Mille 56-02 Sapphire Crystal Tourbillon

Richard Mille

The three-layer case of the watch was machined by the famous sapphire crystal scientist Stettler in the Swiss Lyss. Mr. Stettler previously worked with Richard Mille to complete the RM 56’s difficult movement components, as well as a three-layer case that was unique and comfortable to wear and extremely comfortable. Sapphire crystal is made by placing fine alumina crystalline powder (Al2O3) in a high-temperature and high-pressure furnace to form a crystal, which makes it resistant to scratching of any material other than diamond and has excellent wear resistance. The production process of RM 56-02, only the part of the case, requires 40 days of continuous processing, and then 400 hours of processing and detailing to complete the manufacture of the movement bridge. The cost of working compared to it is self-evident, which embodies the complexity of its technology and the arduous engineering.

Richard Mille 56-02 Sapphire Crystal Tourbillon

The upper and lower rings of the replica watches dial are anti-glare, using two transparent nitrile rubber O-rings and assembled with 24 5-grade titanium alloy spline screws for a water-resistant depth of 30 meters.It is beautiful and adds a beautiful landscape to the wrist.

The RM 56-02 tourbillon movement made of grade 5 titanium alloy is suspended in the center of the sapphire crystal case with a special development and innovative design.

The cable that travels through the transparent space is as reliable as the cable on the cable car.

and is tensioned by the four pulleys on the corner of the movement and the six pulleys on the periphery of the movement.

The tension of the cable is controlled by a tensioning device at 9 o’clock.

The entire cable assembly is then connected to the tension indicator at 12 o’clock.

allowing the wearer to easily view the cable tension to confirm that it meets the timing performance requirements.

On the original sapphire crystal movement, this watch adds a newly designed sapphire crystal barrel bridge and tourbillon bridge.

The ability to make this technology the right.

clear and smooth finish is undoubtedly the highest achievement of the sapphire crystal watch collection.

and the top creative and perfect craftsmanship of the Richard Mille watch collection.

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