Tissot duur series time zone watch

The duur series is named after the Tissot watchmaking factory on the street where the Swiss Lebron was founded, the Duluer Street in the Swiss town of Le Locle, which is still home to the Tissot brand headquarters. Therefore, the importance of the duur series for Tissot is self-evident, which also reflects the design tone of the duur series. This year, Duluer has introduced a number of functionally designed watches, giving more choices to people with different needs for watches. Among them, the watch with time zone function is also included. With the increasing frequency of travel around the world, the time zone function is especially important for travellers. Below, let’s take a look together:

Compared to the previous series.

the brand has given the brand new Duruer time zone watch more disc decoration.

making the appearance look more attractive. The center area of ​​the dial is treated with the sun pattern, and the light is flowing and exquisite. The plaid decoration in the outer layer of the dial depicts the historical miniature of a window in the factory when the brand was born. There are Roman numerals and stud hour markers on the plaid, which gives the disc a classical charm. Whether it is in the same time zone or in different time zones, it is very convenient to know the time and day and night.

Tissot duur series time zone watch


A large “T” brand LOGO pattern on the crown brings recognition and unique aesthetics. The design of the silver-white dial makes everything on the surface very visible. The silver hour markers and silver hands echo the polished bezel, giving a pure and minimalist overall look and feel. Through different textures and decorations.

the functional area of ​​the disc surface can be clearly divided.

so that the wearer can understand the reading efficiency of the disc surface.

Different from the past, an additional pointer is added in the middle of the dial to indicate the 24-hour time.

which is the second time zone.

duur series

This is also a new attempt by Tissot in the function of the duur series watch.

There is also a calendar display window above the 6 o’clock position.

adding a practical function to the layout of the compact surface.

Tissot duur series time zone watch

Through the back cover, the classic and practical Powermatic 80 movement is in front of you, especially the conspicuous oscillating weight, with a mechanical charm. This movement retains 80 hours of kinetic energy and silicon hairspring while adding time zone functionality. The re-calendar function is a very practical day-to-day watch movement.

The 316L stainless steel bracelet blends with the case’s crown to present an overall aesthetic. Equipped with a steel folding clasp with the same material, it is convenient to wear by pressing the middle button.

Whether the appearance is fancy or not, practical performance is the true soul of a replica watches online. This watch is obviously rich in function and real, with a sleek overall aesthetic. Coupled with the excellent performance of the 80 movement, I believe that it is also a good choice for people across the time zone.

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